domingo, 15 de noviembre de 2020

The draws of english immersion in Santander

 Hi! This week I've been in a scolarship of languge immersion organized by Universidad Internacional Méndez Pelayo. In this course We have talked in english, study, play and everyone made a speech of some topic that we interesting. Of course, my speech was about sketchbooks.

I've drew my classmates making their presentation and a few things more. I've used wood pencil, bic and watercolors. The last day, Tony (a teacher who is graphic designer) drew me while I was ending my speech and singing "I gotta feeling..." jjjj

2 comentarios:

clara dijo...

Olé: dibujo, comprensión, traducción....eres una máquina!!!

Mila Dolz dijo...

Que va, Clara, ojalá. I'm a disaster, that's why I need this training courses...
Por cierto, no me uno al takeaway porque... ¡no he encontrado donde pedir comida para llevar en este pueblo!